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| Ann Marie • Malta |
''Thou cannot think worse of me than I do of myself.''

Anonymous asked: Yep , used to go to Valletta more or less all the time, friday, saturday , sunday , good times haha , do you not really go to paceville on weekends? oddly enough I find approaching people a lot easier in real life a lot easier than I do over the internet. Anywho , maybe i'll reveal myself at some point (who knows) x

I seldom go to Paceville..let’s say once every 2/3 months.

It was just a simple compliment so you don’t have to fret about it. We probably have lots of mutual acquaintances as well..so next time you spot me somewhere,please go ahead and poke me or approach me..I’m not as strange as I might make myself look like. x

Anonymous asked: Fair enough , I've spoken to you a couple of times in real life and on facebook like two or three years back I think :)

Hmm..I’m assuming you used to go to Valletta on Saturdays as well then? It’s either there or Paceville which I highly doubt.

I used to know lots of lovely people back then so it doesn’t solve anything.

You can go and tell me who you are straight ahead (*bats lashes*) or opt for remaining anonymous,it’s all up to you! If you decide the latter I’m still going to thank you either way :)!

Maya Deren, Cinematography: The creative use of reality

Jodi (Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans)MY%DESKTOP (emulation / commentary / malfunction)2003Installation w 4 projections.

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1961 Milan Fair Exhibit by sandiv999 on Flickr.

Midtown Monotony by Jeff Stvan

Geometry in white by tommpouce.